May 26, 2012

Hiroshima Daibutsu in Gokurakuji Temple, Nara

On May 30th 2011, I read the new that Hiroshima Daibutsu was found in Gokurakuji Temple, Nara. Note that Daibutsu means giant statue of Buddha.

Hiroshima Daibutsu was enshrined to mourn for the victims of the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima city. But, the statue has gone missing since 1955.

In 2011, a Buddhist monk in Gokurakuji Temple read a book where Hiroshima Daibutsu was printed, and he thought that the statue in his temple was quite similar to Hiroshima Daibutsu. He asked the Nara National Museum to examine the statue. The Nara National Museum certified that the statue in Gokurakuji Temple is Hiroshima Daibutsu.

I went to Gokurakuji Temple on May 14th 2012. Public transportation is not a good way to go to the temple. I used a taxi from Hirahata Station of Kintetsu line. You can also use a taxi from JR Horyuji Station.

I prayed to Hiroshima Daibutsu. A Buddhist monk told me that Hiroshima Daibutsu was found two months after the Great East Japan Earthquake. This is no coincidence. The statue appeared to mourn for the victims of the earthquake. I agreed to his opinion.

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