Apr 22, 2012

Seisuiji Temple in Matsushiro

I went to Seisuiji Temple located in Matsushiro-cho Nagano prefecture on Oct 23th 2011. A beautiful 1000-handed Kannon is enshrined there. I think that the statue is the most beautiful in Nagano.

Apr 14, 2012

Night Viewing of cherry blossoms in To-ji Temple

When you arrive at Kyoto station by Shinkansen, you cannot miss the view of a five-story pagoda in To-ji Temple. The pagoda makes us feel that we come to Kyoto.

There is an event of night viewing in To-ji Temple from March 31th to April 15th this spring. I went to To-ji Temple on April 7th at night. It is the first time I have been to To-ji Temple at night.

I payed 500 Yen to enter the temple, and then walked to the pagoda. Cherry blossoms and the five-story pagoda were much more beautiful than I expected.