Mar 24, 2012

Most Beautiful Kannon Statue in Japan

There are many Kannon statues in Japan because Kannon is one of the most popular deities. Thus, we have a following question: what is the most beautiful Kannon statue in Japan? Although each of people who like to see a Buddhist statue has a different opinion, they agree that eleven faced Kannon in Doganji Temple Kannondo (Kogenji Temple) is one of the most beautiful Kannon statues in Japan.

After Daishiji Temple, I visited Doganji Temple Kannondo. I got off at JR Takatsuki Station. I then walked from the station to the temple. You can get a map at the Takatsuki tourist association next to the station.

The eleven faced Kannon is enshrined in the treasure house of Doganji Temple. To enter the house, you have to pay 300 YEN. There is a guide in the house. He/She tells you the detail of the Kannon. But, I think that he/she can speak only in Japanese.

You can go round the Kannon statue. It is beautiful from all angles. Among 11 faces, you should check a face that look behind. The face smiles very much. It is said that the face laughs off suffering.

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