Feb 26, 2012

Shukubo Chisyakuin Kaikan

I stayed at Chisyakuin Kaikan. It is classified into Shukubo. Shukubo is similar to ryokan (minshuku). However, the owner of shukubo is temple. The main difference between shukubo and ryokan is that you can participate in Buddhist ceremony in the morning.

The price of Chisyakuin Kaikan is 6500 YEN a one night. In addition. if you would like to have dinner at Chisyakuin Kaikan, you can select syojin ryori (vegetarian meal) or traditional Kyoto meal. Their price is 1500 or 3000 YEN. That is, there are 4 choices: (1) 1500 YEN syojin ryori, (2) 3000 YEN syojin ryori, (3) 1500 YEN traditional Kyoto meal, and (4) 3000 YEN traditional Kyoto meal.

Note that if you cannot speak Japanese, you have to stay with a friend who can speak Japanese.

The following picture is the room I stayed.

I had 1500 YEN syojin ryori.

The next morning, I participated in Buddhist ceremony. Chisyakuin temple is the main temple of Shingon-shu Chizan-ha. Thus, many Buddhist monks also participated in the ceremony.

Next, you can see the temple's treasures with a monk. After that, you can have breakfast.

I stay at Chisyakuin Kaikan every year because the Buddhist ceremony is very impressive.

Feb 25, 2012

Golden Temple with Snow

I went to Kyoto on Feb 18. It snowed on Feb 17 in Kyoto. So, there are some snows left on the ground on Feb 18. When I saw some snows on the ground, I decided to go to Golden Temple (Kinkakuji Temple). This is because I have heard that Golden Temple with snow is very beautiful.

When I arrived at Kyoto station, I went to the bus stop for Golden Temple. But, there are long lines waiting for a bus because many people think that they want to see Golden Temple with snow.

I got off at the Kinkakuji-michi bus stop. Before I went to the temple, I saw some trees with snow. They looked like there were some flowers on the trees.

After that, I saw Golden Temple with snow. They were the most beautiful I have ever seen.

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