Jun 13, 2011

Shin-daibutsuji Temple in Iga-shi Mie Pref

Shin means new. Daibutsu means Big Buddha. That is, new Big Buddha is enshrined in Shin-daibutsuji Temple.

In 1180, Big Buddha in Todaiji Temple of Nara Pref was fired due to a war. To repair the statue, a lot of money was necessary. Todaiji Temple built seven temples to gather money from all over Japan. One of seven temples is Shin-daibutsuji Temple.

When I arrived at Shin-daibutsuji Temple on June 5, I paid 300 YEN for a guide. First, the guide showed me Fudo-myoo. Next, I watched Big Buddha. The Big Buddha statue was originally created in the Kamakura period. But, only the face remains, that is, the body was re-created in the Edo period. When I watched the statue, I think the Big Buddha in Shin-daibutsuji Temple is more handsome than the one in Todaiji Temple of Nara. 


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