Jun 12, 2011

Fugenji Temple in Taki-gun Mie Pref

I visited some temples in Mie Prefecture on July 5. First, I went to Fugenji Temple in Taki-gun. As the name suggests, Fugen Bosatsu is enshrined.

Fugen Bosatsu statue in the temple is one of the important cultural properties. The statue always exists in the storage. Thus, when you want to watch the Fugen Bosatsu statue, you have to call Fugenji Temple to reserve the time.

Fugen Bosatsu in this statue has a stick called Nyoi. Fugen Bosatsu can get everything by using the Nyoi, and give them to prayers.

Fugen Bosatsu usually rides a standing white elephant, but in this statue it rides a seated white elephant.

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