Jun 13, 2011

Shin-daibutsuji Temple in Iga-shi Mie Pref

Shin means new. Daibutsu means Big Buddha. That is, new Big Buddha is enshrined in Shin-daibutsuji Temple.

In 1180, Big Buddha in Todaiji Temple of Nara Pref was fired due to a war. To repair the statue, a lot of money was necessary. Todaiji Temple built seven temples to gather money from all over Japan. One of seven temples is Shin-daibutsuji Temple.

When I arrived at Shin-daibutsuji Temple on June 5, I paid 300 YEN for a guide. First, the guide showed me Fudo-myoo. Next, I watched Big Buddha. The Big Buddha statue was originally created in the Kamakura period. But, only the face remains, that is, the body was re-created in the Edo period. When I watched the statue, I think the Big Buddha in Shin-daibutsuji Temple is more handsome than the one in Todaiji Temple of Nara. 


Jun 12, 2011

Fugenji Temple in Taki-gun Mie Pref

I visited some temples in Mie Prefecture on July 5. First, I went to Fugenji Temple in Taki-gun. As the name suggests, Fugen Bosatsu is enshrined.

Fugen Bosatsu statue in the temple is one of the important cultural properties. The statue always exists in the storage. Thus, when you want to watch the Fugen Bosatsu statue, you have to call Fugenji Temple to reserve the time.

Fugen Bosatsu in this statue has a stick called Nyoi. Fugen Bosatsu can get everything by using the Nyoi, and give them to prayers.

Fugen Bosatsu usually rides a standing white elephant, but in this statue it rides a seated white elephant.

Jun 8, 2011

Enku in Mirokuji Temple

Enku is one of the most popular Buddha statue sculptors in Japan. Though Enku was born in 1632, his statue is very different from conventional ones. When people see Buddha statues sculpted by Enku first time, many of them probably think that a modern artist sculpted the statues.

Enku passed away near Mirokuji Temple in Seki-shi Gifu prefecture. Thus, people who love statues by Enku visit the temple. At a garden of the temple, we can see statues sculpted by modern artists who respect Enku.

I visited Mirokuji Temple on June 4. The following are pictures of statues I took at the garden of Mirokuji Temple. Though these are not statues by Enku, there is a museum called Seki-shi Enku Museum near the temple. We can see many statues by Enku at the museum.

Jun 6, 2011

Kokeizan Eihoji Temple in Tajimi-shi Gifu Pref

I visited some temples in Gifu prefecture with my friend on May 4. When I told him I wanted to visit Gifu prefecture, he recommended Eihoji Temple because its building is a national treasure.

When I visited Eihoji Temple, I was impressed by the beauty of its building. I thought it deserved to a national treasure. The roof is sharp as shown below. This is a characteristic of Zen style buildings.

National treasure building where Kannon is enshrined

Building and pond from right side

Building and pond from left side