May 14, 2011

Tokudaiji Temple along Ameyoko Market in Ueno

There is a famous market near JR Ueno Station. It is always active and crowded. The market is called Ameyoko. Although many people walk along Ameyoko Market, most of them do not notice that a temple is located along Ameya Market.

The temple is Tokudaiji Temple. It is famous for a deity, Marishiten. When I visited the temple on May 8, I found a brochure written in English. I was not interested in English brochure before I started this blog. But now, I like to read it because I would like to know what words and phases are used.

I present the introduction of Tokudaiji temple written in the brochure.
Having 600 years of history, the Marishiten Tokudaiji Temple is known as one of the three Great Marishiten Sanctuaries.
In middle age Japan, Marishiten (Marici in Sanskrit) was largely embraced as a protector and patron by the Samurai.
Today this solar deity is revered as a guardian god that brings spirit energy and wealth. Therefore, those who worship Marishiten are said to be protected from evils and dangers and are given prosperity and luck.
It is said that the image of Marishiten enshrined to this temple is Price Shotoku's work.
As described above, Samurai revered the deity. Marishiten is a deification of shimmers. You can see a shimmer, but you cannot catch it. Thus, samurai believed that if they pray to Marishiten, the deity prevents them from be caught by enemies.

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