May 19, 2011

Shin-komyoji Temple in Shizuoka

I visited Shin-komyoji Temple in Shizuoka in March of this year. The temple is located near JR Shizuoka Station. It takes about 3 minutes from the station to the temple by foot.

The temple is on the 7th floor of a modern building. Thus, when visitors come to the temple first time, they are bewildered by the modern building. Of course, I was bewildered.

Some might think whether it is worth visiting such a temple. The answer is Yes. A Buddha statue sculpted by Kaiei is enshrined in Shin-komyoji Temple. Kaikei is as famous as Unkei.

Two pictures of the Buddha statue are shown. This is Amida. Since Kaikei believed in Amida deeply, he sculpted many statues of Amida. A woman who accompanied me said that the face looks like a cat. Do you think so?

There is an interesting fact about the statue. Springs are used to fix its eyes. This might be the oldest use of a spring in Japan. Thus, a specialist for a spring came and examined the statue.

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