May 28, 2011

New Main Hall of Fukagawa Fudo-do

Today is May 28th. It is said that 28th is a special day for Fudo-myoo. People who believe in Fudo-myoo visit a temple, and pray to Fudo-myoo on the 28th of every month. It may be difficult to visit a temple each month. But, it is recommended to visit a temple on the 28th of January, May, and September.

Since Fudo-myoo is very popular in Japan, there are many temples enshrines Fudo-myoo. Among these, I recommend Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and its branch. The reason is that Goma (sacred fire rite) is conducted every day, and anyone can attend the rite freely.

Today, I visited Fukagawa Fudo-do, which is a Tokyo branch of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. Fukagawa fudo-do is located near Tokyo Metro Monzen-Nakacho Station. It is one minute walk from the station.

Building a new main hall was completed in April. This was the first time I have entered the new main hall. The appearance is different from that of conventional temples. But, when I entered it, I felt stately.

The Goma rite is regularly conducted at 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17 o'clock. You can attend it sitting down a bench. This is a good points for modern people. I attended the rite that started from 3 o'clock. It becomes more powerful than before. Attending the Goma rite is one of the easiest way to learn Japanese old culture.

New main hall.

New main hall (left) and old main hall (right)

Sanskrit of Fudo-myoo

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