May 10, 2011

Kiyomizu kannon-do in Ueno Park

Ueno Park is the first modern park in Japan. In the Edo period, however, there was a temple called  Kaneiji Temple. Kaneiji Temple had strong connection with Tokugawa Shogunate. Thus, the Meiji government got away most of the lands from Kaneiji Temple, and built a park.

As I wrote above, most of the lands were got away, but, some temples are still located within Ueno Park. One of the temples is Kiyomizu Kannon-do.

At the beginning of the Edo period, the center of culture and economy was the Kansai area. People lived in Edo admired the Kannon area. Thus, new temples modeled on famous temples in the Kansai area were built in Edo. Kiyomizu Kannon-do was modeled on Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

I visited Kiyomizu kannon-do on May 8. In the Edo period, people enjoyed the view from the temple. But, the current view is not as good as the one in the Edo period.

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