May 8, 2011

Kannon face turned to the east after the earthquake

There is a temple called oo-kannon-ji in Tokyo. Oo-kannon-ji can be translated as Great Kannon Temple in English. As the name suggests, the great statue of Kannon face is enshrined. The height is 170 cm, the width is 54 cm. It is made of iron. Thus, it is too heavy to move it.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, the Kannon face turned to the east. There are several Buddha statues in the temple, but, only the statue of the Kannon face turned. This is very mysterious.

I visited oo-kannon-ji today. It is located near the Ningyo-cho station in Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. I have visited the temple several times before. I strongly remember that the Kannon faces to the front. Today, however, it does not face to the front. I wonder why the Kannon face turned to the east. Kannon may want to tell us something.

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