May 15, 2011

Jyorakuji Temple in Yokosuka

Jyorakuji Temple in Yokosuka city is well-known to people who are interested in Buddha statues. This is because Buddha statues sculpted by Unkei are enshrined in the temple.

The storage where the statues exist are always close. In particular, however, it is open four times a year; March 3, April 15, May 15, and October 19. Today is May 15. So, I went to Jyorakuji Temple.

I got off at JR Zushi Station. I then took a bus and got off at Jyorakuji bus stop. It took about 30 minutes from Zushi Station to Jyorakuji Temple by bus.

I entered the storage, and watched 5 statues: Amida triad (Amida, Kannon, Seishi), Fudo-myoo, and Bisyamon-ten. All statues were terrific. Amida triad was elegant. Fudo-myoo and Bisyamon-ten look powerful, which Samurai loved. I rediscover that Unkei is one of the best sculptors in Japanese history.
Main hall in Jyorakuji Temple. The storage is located behind the main hall.

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