May 7, 2011

Golden Temple opposes Kyoto Marathon route plan

I read an interesting article "Golden Temple opposes Kyoto Marathon route plan" though it is a little old news (issued on March 10). It is written in Japanese, so I try to write it in English.

Kyoto city has a plan to hold the 1st Kyoto Marathon on the second Sunday in March 2012. The city anticipates 15,000 runners will take part in the Kyoto Marathon.

There are many beautiful temples along the route. It is one of the most attractive point for runners to run seeing these temples.

While runners are running, the route have to be blockaded. For example, the road in front of Golden Temple is blockaded from 9 am to noon. Unfortunately, there are no alternative routes to Golden Temple. That is, tourists cannot visit Golden Temple while runners are running. In addition, residents around Golden Temple cannot go to other places.

A man from Golden Temple told that we do not oppose the Kyoto Marathon. For example, think foreign tourists for whom visiting Kyoto is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We ask Kyoto city to change the route.

On the other hand, Kyoto city told that changing the route is difficult. We are considering an idea that tourists can visit Golden Temple during the Marathon.

The article was finished by the following sentence; "The route will be determined in April". However, the route has not been determined yet.

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